About Geoff

geoff1_web162I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Neurotherapist (BCN). I specialize in child, adolescent, and family therapy and neurofeedback.

My clinical experience includes 20 years in varying capacities and roles including hospital, outpatient, school based, day treatment, and private practice. I received the Master of Arts and Educational Specialist degrees from James Madison University in counseling psychology in 1995. Following that, I was a child and family therapist for the Aurora Mental Health Center and, for the next four years, with the Mental Health Center of Boulder County.

In 1999, I started my independent practice in downtown Boulder. I work with children and adolescents who struggle with a spectrum of issues, including mood and anxiety problems, attention and learning problems, and social or emotional difficulties. Many of the kids I work with are or have been faced with life’s difficulties such as death of a loved one, divorce, trauma, or abuse.

I take a holistic approach to working with kids and their problems—holding the wider view of the child in context of his or her environment (family, school, community), while also addressing the individual’s experience in both mind (self,individual resilience, learning style, etc.) and body (physiology of attention problems, anxiety).

I work collaboratively with kids and parents in determining what approach will most effectively address the problems that bring us in to counseling—whether that approach is individual therapy,   family therapyneurofeedback, or a combination of these therapies.